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Cambridge-based film writer for The Digital Fix, Den of Geek and for my personal film review blog. Film and Philosophy graduate from the University of East Anglia.

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28 pirates of the caribbean salazar's revenge article

'Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar's Revenge' - Review

Who’d have thought the real curse of the Black Pearl would be its cinematic namesake’s legacy as the only good Pirates of the Caribbean film. Yes, thirteen years and four sequels later, the lightning – or should that be ship – in a bottle effect of Gore Verbinski’s first high-seas blockbuster has yet to return. The franchise’s fatigue is keenly[...]

24 unforgettable 01 article

'Unforgettable' - Review

A review of 2014’s catastrophically retrograde The Other Woman in The Guardian bore the legend ‘Hollywood 1, Bechdel 0’. If we continue this analogy with regard to Denise Di Novi’s ridiculous new erotic thriller, not only has Bechdel lost the game, she’s mistaken the date of the match and is still at home, blissfully dozing in the solace[...]

10 fifty shades darker 02 article

'Fifty Shades Darker' - Review

I was lucky/unlucky (delete as appropriate) to experience the opening of Fifty Shades Darker twice. The first run was entirely silent due to a projectionist whom some might label neglectful, but upon second viewing would be forgiven as merciful. A dreary cover of The Scientist (I'm quite partial to Coldplay and [...]

08 resident evil the final chapter article

'Resident Evil: The Final Chapter' - Review

When I emerge from the cinema and note down my preliminary thoughts on a film, I usually divide the bullet points up into positives and negatives. However, with Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, I didn’t bother. Everything awful about this movie is simultaneously – through some warping of Newtonian[...]

06 hacksaw ridge article

'Hacksaw Ridge' - Review

With a debate concerning the ethics of punching Nazis currently circling the web, a film focussed on pacifism, in a time of war, could provide an accessible platform for discussion. However, fortunately and unfortunately, Hacksaw Ridge is a Mel Gibson film, and any stage set for moral or religious debate is swiftly blown to smithereens by[...]

30 warcraft article

'Warcraft' - Review (Blu-ray)

Director Duncan Jones’ obvious love for the video game source material makes Warcraft a visually arresting and surprisingly engaging adventure. Warlock Gul’dan (Daniel Wu) opens a portal from the dying orc world with dark magic known as ‘The Fel’. Chieftain Durotan (Toby Kebbell) becomes disenchanted with Gul’dan’s leadership[...]

44 sausage party article

'Sausage Party' - Review

Seth Rogen finally completes his journey from dispenser of wiener jokes into walking phallic symbol in this disgustingly inventive and unexpectedly relevant animated comedy. He stars as Frank, a sausage living amongst the other food products at Shopwell supermarket, all of whom believe that a wondrous life awaits [...]

34 gods of egypt article

'Gods of Egypt' - Review

'Visionary’ director Alex Proyas brings us his very own Jupiter Ascending in the form of this awfully extravagant and extravagantly awful fantasy epic. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and Gerard Butler star as warring deities, Horus and Set. When Set usurps the throne, banishes Horus and makes slaves of a suspiciously white[...]

23 captain america civil war article

'Captain America: Civil War' - Review

Perhaps catching onto audiences’ rapid wearying of the interchangeable city-crusher finales slotted into avenging adventures past, the makers of Captain America: Civil War warp this ire into the central plot motivation for the opening salvo to phase three of the Marvel cinematic universe.[...]

16 eddie the eagle article

'Eddie the Eagle' - Review

Dexter Fletcher directs Taron Egerton as Michael ‘Eddie’ Edwards in this wobbly but wily underdog biopic so steeped in 1970s/80s British nostalgia it may as well be titled Straight Outta Trumpton. We follow Eddie on a slums-to-slopes journey as – undeterred by the dissuasions of his father – he strives to accomplish his dream[...]

14 london has fallen article

'London Has Fallen' - Review

Gerard Butler reprises his role as T-bone steak on legs, Mike Banning, in this concrete-headed sequel to 2013’s breakout hit Olympus Has Fallen. Banning and President Asher (Aaron Eckhart) arrive in London for the Prime Minister’s funeral when a massive terrorist plot to assassinate the[...]

05 dirty grandpa article

'Dirty Grandpa' - Review

Robert De Niro crouches over a casket. Gazing forlornly into nothingness, his eyes are wet with tears and mournful music fills the air. Saying a wistful goodbye to his once cherished career, perhaps? You’d be forgiven for thinking so, but to expect such biting self-awareness is a tad generous to writers who begin Dirty[...]

508 article

'Joy' - Review

Here’s a once intriguing, often frustrating and occasionally enchanting offering from award season’s favourite director, David O. Russell. Joy claims to be ‘inspired by the stories of many women’, but is effectively a loose biographical drama of self-made millionaire Joy Mangano, who built her Miracle Mop design into a[...]

62 steve jobs article

'Steve Jobs' - Review

Michael ‘He’s so hot right now’ Fassbender takes centre stage in Danny Boyle’s wildly wordy adaptation of Walter Isaacson’s eponymous book. We follow Jobs in the build-up to three iconic product launches: the Macintosh in 1984 (featuring Ridley Scott’s historic commercial), the NeXTcube in 1988 and finally the iMac[...]

508 article

'Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension' - Review

Found-footage anthology Paranormal Activity holds a weirdly significant place in my cinematic history: Paranormal Activity 3 was the first horror film I ever watched in a cinema, and Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones was[...]